Asset Management – Product

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This year, we have created a new Product division. It has brought together over 400 people globally from existing teams within Investment, Distribution and Infrastructure to define our value proposition and integrate purposeful design to our developing product strategy.

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The division specialises in product strategy, product development, portfolio solutions, product management, marketing and product operations.

Our clients need sustainable investment returns, which are flexible enough to adapt to industry and market changes. Our investment products and strategies are designed to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Our products are robust, fit for purpose and built to stand the test of time. We achieve this through close collaboration with Investment and Distribution to deliver the best of the firm to our clients. We actively manage our product ranges to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs throughout the product and client life cycles.

Countries 19 operate fund ranges

More than 610 funds

Our market intelligence team’s analytical insights on global market trends, changing client demands and competitor research bring us an additional perspective that helps to inform our product strategy and support product development. They work closely with the product development team who manage the product life cycle from generation of ideas through to product launch and finally to product retirement.

The product operations group is focused on ensuring that our processes are efficient and effective, our client reporting is relevant and that we can manage increasing regulatory expectations. Substantial fund services teams based in both the UK and Luxembourg support these activities.

We have also brought together our alternative product capabilities to be managed under one division. This supports our commitment to have clear leadership to drive further development in our alternatives business.

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This year, our Solutions team was moved out from within Multi-asset to become an asset class agnostic function working with all investment teams across Schroders. We look to offer our clients expertise from across the whole Group and the Solutions team brings all of these capabilities together.

Providing investment solutions is not new to Schroders. The Solutions team have a 16-year track record covering the spectrum of risk management, advice-led client engagement and asset and liability challenges. We have an asset class agnostic philosophy, the ability to combine capabilities into a fiduciary management solution and an established global footprint across multiple channels and geographies.