We do the right thing for our clients. Our goals are completely aligned with theirs – the creation of long-term value to assist them in meeting their future financial needs.

As a global firm and one of Europe's largest asset managers, we play an important role in helping a broad range of investors meet their financial goals.

From supporting institutional and retail investors, financial institutions and high net worth investors around the world, to engaging actively with the companies in which we invest to help them achieve their growth ambitions, good conduct and client-centric behaviour are inherent in our values and culture.

We are committed to acting responsibly, supporting our clients and making a wider contribution to society.

Our objective is to generate investment returns for clients which meet their financial goals. 

We have a long-term approach to investing, building client relationships and growing our business. 

Our success is linked inextricably to the success of our clients. 

We invest in long-term growth opportunities and maintain a strong capital position to ensure long-term stability.