11MAY 2017
11:00 am

EM Debt in the Current Global Macro Cycle: Drivers, Storm Clouds & Opportunities

The year began with the capital markets caught up in the frenzy of a reflation trade, anticipating stronger global economic growth. Today, while that sentiment appears to have waned somewhat, the broader positive trend seems to endure. Caught in between are the US dollar and the 30-year Treasury bond, still trading at elevated levels but not signaling runaway economic growth.

What does this mean for emerging market debt? Join Jim Barrineau, Co-Head of Emerging Market Debt Relative at Schroders, as he examines broad growth trends in emerging markets, the status of real interest rates, and valuations from a historical perspective and relative to the entire fixed income opportunity set. Jim will also focus on those key EM countries exiting recessions as well as those that face key structural economic challenges