Art advisory

Enjoy the fascination of art with a reliable and discreet partner

As an art lover, you should be able to just enjoy art. Leave the rest with us.

       Manuela de Kerchove, Art Advisory


Since 1990, our Art Advisory department has offered a service which adds a new and highly professional dimension to the pleasure of owning or trading in art.

Whether you are buying or selling, at an auction or gallery, adding to your collection or investing in a place to exhibit your art, we offer you individual service, absolute discretion, objectivity and professional advice. Our art department can also suggest potential acquisitions or can search for suitable items available on the art market. In addition, Schroders experts will value works of art and suggest the most suitable time to buy or to sell.

If you wish to maintain anonymity, we can represent you at markets and auctions, in dealings with clients and private negotiations. And of course we are always at hand to organise your art deals from start to finish.

Our services at a glance
Advice on the quality, value and suitability of potential purchases
Advice on the purchase, sale and management of works of art
Advice on lending works of art to museums and exhibitions
Market research
Bibliographical research
Certificates of authenticity
Valuations and price agreements