Discretionary asset management

Managing your wealth in line with your objectives

To your advantage, we focus exclusively on asset management, thus avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

      Giovanni Leonardo, Head Portfolio Management


The management of your investments is too important to be left for when you have a spare moment. If your wealth is to grow successfully, you need the help of experts, as the financial markets are constantly changing, and keeping track of what is happening is not easy.

Discretionary Asset Management is part of a process in which investment decisions are guided by the investment strategy previously agreed with you.

Investors do not always have the time to devote to following developments in the financial markets. And those who are often away or pursuing other interests find it easier and reassuring to rely on professional asset management expertise. For them a partnership with us can pay dividends.

Our services at a glance
Independent management of your investments
Continuous adherence to guidelines commonly decided upon
High availability of your personal portfolio manager
Inclusion of Alternative Products within the investment strategy
Regular reporting following your instructions
Management of complex mandates
Management of accounts under third party custody
Information on third-party payments