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Schroder China Asset Income Fund

China is undergoing a fast and exciting transition into its “New Economy” model which focuses on industries such as consumption, business services, information technology, science and research and social media, to name but a few. The Fund aims to provide income and capital growth by investing primarily in Chinese equity and fixed income securities.


Schroder ISF - Global High Yield & Schroder ISF - Hong Kong Dollar Bond

In today’s climate of low interest rates and increasingly tough stock market conditions, many investors are understandably cautious about the best way to earn reliable yields. With a wealth of experience, resources, dedicated research and robust risk management strategies, Schroders' top-class investment teams aim to help investors achieve investment outcomes via a series of fixed income portfolios.


Schroder ISF - China Opportunities & Schroder China Equity Alpha Fund 

There has been much talk about reforms, in particular at State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and increasing investments, with China’s plans for regional infrastructure investment through the ‘One Belt, One Road’ plan a notable example. These two funds help investors capture the abundant growth opportunities in the Greater China region.


Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund

Investment opportunities are present across asset classes. The Fund is managed by Schroders’ three top-class investment teams, namely the Multi- Asset team, the Asian equities team, and the Asian fixed income team via active asset allocation. The Fund aims to capture Asia's strong growth potential primarily through investment in Asian high dividend yielding equities and high yield bond, and to help investors manage risks.


Schroder ISF - Global Multi-Asset Income

Investment opportunities arise from different regions and sectors at different times. By adopting a global, benchmark unconstrained approach in asset allocation and security selection, the Fund offers investors the opportunity to capture attractive long-term and short-term growth potential in any countries or sectors. This allows the Fund to deliver stable income flow.



Schroder International Selection Fund is referred to as Schroder ISF.

US/Hong Kong dollar-based investors are exposed to currency fluctuations where funds are denominated in currencies other than US/Hong Kong dollars.

Source: Schroders. Fund performance on NAV to NAV price basis, in the fund's base currency and net income reinvested.