Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund

Why Invest in the Schroder Asian Asset Income Fund?


  • A Distribution share class offers a monthly payout (Distribution rate is not guaranteed, and payment of distributions could be paid out from capital)*
  • Capture Asia's strong growth potential through investment in Asian high dividend yielding equities and high yield bond
  • Enjoy the capital growth potential of other assets
  • Active asset allocation to manage risk

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Why Schroders?

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* In respect of the distribution units, the manager will declare and pay monthly distributions. However, the distribution rate is not guaranteed. Distribution yield is not indicative of the return of the fund. Distribution may be paid from capital of the fund. Investors should note that where the payment of distributions are paid out of capital, this represents and amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of the amount you originally invested or capital gains attributable to that and may result in an immediate decrease in the value of units.