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60 seconds on Clinton versus Trump


Marcus Brookes

Marcus Brookes

Head of Multi-Manager

We’ve just had the first presidential debate and it seems to be that Hilary Clinton has come out as being the winner of that particular debate – there are more to go but it just brings to mind, what does this actually mean for clients of our portfolios? What we are faced with, with the US election is two very different characters but two very different candidates and the policies they’ll bring to the White House.

On the one hand, we’ve got Hilary Rodham Clinton who is very much the establishment figure; she’s a democrat, she’s well known to be a fiscal conservative, so for those thinking there’s going to be helicopter money coming in the US, maybe they need to play that down a little bit. She’s known to be a foreign policy hawk, so the US involvement in places like the Middle East and so forth, that’s likely to continue under a Hilary Clinton administration. Her views on healthcare are very well known, she thinks it’s far too expensive so maybe healthcare stocks are something people should be thinking about as well if Hilary Clinton were to win.

Now, Mr Trump on the other hand, much less is known about him and he doesn’t really help himself. In terms of his policy, we all know about “The Wall”, we know that he wants to spend an awful lot more on defence, he’s saying that he’ll spend about $90 billion more per annum on defence. We know he’s talking about a very very big fiscal easing, this could be very stimulatory to the US economy and therefore that could see the US stock market really take off on the back of that. Whether or not he’s fit to become president only the electorate can really tell us but I do think this will be a crucial factor for people’s investment portfolios. 


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