Strategy & economics

06APR 2018

The good, the bad and the ugly

With the UK economy struggling to return to strong growth, Caspar Rock searches for signs of a revival

Talking points

04APR 2018

Talking points

20FEB 2018



12FEB 2018

Talking points

The rise of green bonds

Green bonds offer a way to invest in low carbon assets without compromising on returns

01FEB 2018

Talking points

Disruptive influence

A pack of new digital companies is revolutionising the way that technology is used by businesses and consumers, writes Alina Gregory


19JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Smarter diversification

Assets that behave differently to equities give our clients an edge in volatile markets, writes Laurence Forrester

18JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Productivity puzzle

Richard Jeffrey explores why productivity gains have been so hard to achieve in the major economies since the financial crisis

17JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Staying focused and investing through volatility

The decade since the financial crisis has shown the value of staying in the markets through ups and downs, says Laurence Forrester

09JAN 2018

Strategy & economics

Gridlocked economy?

Rising US interest rates offer a glimmer of hope in a world dogged by anaemic growth, weak productivity gains and stagnant wages, write Caspar Rock and Richard Jeffrey



14NOV 2017

Strategy & economics

Europe's economic recovery

Caspar Rock, Chief Investment Officer, reviews the indicators that suggest a brighter future for the continent.

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