Schroders history

For over 200 years, Schroders has taken many innovative steps to grow and expand its global business, placing clients at the centre of everything it does.

In 1804, at the age of 19, Johann Heinrich Schröder became a partner in the London firm founded by his elder brother Johann Friedrich Schröder.  Initially trading as commodity merchants, the first financial services offered by the brothers were short term credits for other merchants.  As the Schroder reputation grew in market places around the world so the business prospered and developed with a continual focus on innovation and delivery for its clients. 

For over 200 years, Schroders has continued to innovate, growing and expanding its business, making targeted acquisitions, entering into joint ventures and establishing itself in new markets. Schroders has built upon a reputation of trusted heritage combined with advanced thinking; and it is precisely these values which continue to underpin the firm’s success today.