Andrew Oxlade

Head of Editorial Content



06FEB 2018

S&P's 4% fall: How the stockmarket has performed after big one day losses

The S&P 500 fell more than 4% on Monday, prompting the question: what next? We examine the history of sharp one-day falls.



23DEC 2016


Are world stockmarkets good value going into 2017?

We explain what the main measures of stockmarket value show for the US, UK, Europe and Japan


08NOV 2016


How the US stockmarket performs after heavy one day falls

The S&P 500’s biggest falls have been followed by annual returns that average 14.9% over five years, Schroders analysis shows


19SEP 2016

Global Investor Study

The link between countries with disengaged investors and generous state pensions

Does the promise of generous state pensions reduce the inclination to provide for your own retirement? Our research compares 28 countries

12SEP 2016


What is a safe amount to take from a pension?

Figures for the UK show high pensions withdrawals. It highlights the challenge for pensioners in many countries trying to work out how much income they can safely draw.