David Brett

Investment Writer

Fund Manager, Schroders



18JAN 2018

A year of President Trump: seven charts that reflect market reaction

It has been a year since Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. We take a look at how financial markets have performed.



04DEC 2017

Global Investor Study

Investors save 11% of their salary for retirement - is it enough?

The Schroders Global Investor Study finds that even established investors are not putting away enough for retirement. Europeans are saving the least.

01DEC 2017


The "79.2% chance" that the Santa Rally exists

The Santa Rally, when shares surge in the run-up to Christmas, is real, suggests analysis of three decades of data.


30NOV 2017

Global Investor Study

Are millennials on target to retire at age 58?

Young investors are saving 11.2% of their salary for retirement, only slightly less than the average for all generations, find the Schroders Global Investor Study

29NOV 2017


14 years of investment returns: history’s lesson for investors

Equities were the best performing asset class between 2004 and 2017, but it has been a rollercoaster ride. Diversification can help you smooth out those highs and lows.

21NOV 2017


Pound devaluation: how the lessons of 1967 apply today

The UK actively devalued its currency in 1967, but the 20% fall in the pound since the Brexit vote continues a long-term trend of devaluation.

09NOV 2017


One year of President Trump: the impact on markets

In the 12 months since Donald Trump was elected US president, stockmarkets have hit record highs. We look at how and why the markets have reacted.

01NOV 2017

Global Investor Study

Investors expect returns of 10.2% with millennials hoping for more

Investors expect annuals returns of more than 10% over the next five years, with millennials looking for nearly 12%.