David Brett

Investment Writer

Fund Manager, Schroders



04APR 2018

Could you become an Isa millionaire in 20 years?

It would take some effort and historically strong returns, but UK investors investing the maximum amount could become Isa millionaires in 20 years, our research shows.



15MAR 2018


How reinvesting dividends has affected returns over 25 years

‘Compounding’ can have a dramatic effect on returns. We highlight the difference it has made for major stockmarkets.

01MAR 2018


Cash Isa vs stockmarket Isa: which has returned the most?

Should you keep your Isa savings in cash or invest it? Schroders research reveals investing has in the past provided higher returns but cash has been more stable.


18JAN 2018


A year of President Trump: seven charts that reflect market reaction

It has been a year since Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. We take a look at how financial markets have performed.

17JAN 2018


Corporate bonds: eight questions answered

We look at what corporate bonds are and the pros and cons of owning them in a balanced portfolio.



20DEC 2017


The FTSE in 2017: Five charts that tell the story

The UK stockmarket hit all-time highs in 2017 underpinned by record dividend payments and monetary stimulus, but what does 2018 hold in store?

04DEC 2017

Global Investor Study

Investors save 11% of their salary for retirement - is it enough?

The Schroders Global Investor Study finds that even established investors are not putting away enough for retirement. Europeans are saving the least.

01DEC 2017


The "79.2% chance" that the Santa Rally exists

The Santa Rally, when shares surge in the run-up to Christmas, is real, suggests analysis of three decades of data.