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European investors to seek financial advice on path back to growth


- 65% of investors say they will be seeking financial advice for 2012 –

Investors’ market concerns have not receded in the last 12 months although there is now appetite for positive action as two thirds of investors in Europe (65%) say they will be seeking financial advice in 2012 to get their investments on track according to new research from Schroders.

As part of its European Wealth Index1 which tracks investment behaviours of affluent investors, Schroders polled 1,341 investors across 12 countries asking them which issues concerned them the most and what financial advice they would seek in the year ahead. The results indicate that, for many, now is the time to overcome their market concerns and get financial advice to put them on the path back to growth.

There has been little change in terms of the key issues that have concerned European investors over the last year. The Eurozone debt crisis remains the top concern for 2012 amongst European investors (43%), down slightly from 49% last year.

Top concerns for European Investors:

Eurozone debt crisis 43% 49%
Increasing taxes 30% 27%
General market uncertainty 28% 30%
Increasing inflation 27% 34%
Current low level of interest rates continuing  25% 29%
A weak/prolonged recovery 25% 32%

Priorities differed across Europe as the number one concern for some Italian investors is still rising taxes, which has increased form 49% last year to 63% for 2012 - twice the figure for the rest of Europe (30%).

Equally, twice as many British investors are concerned about ongoing low levels of interest rates than the rest of Europe (49% vs 25%) which is similar to the picture in 2011 (52% vs 29%).

However, the latest research also indicates that investors across Europe have a clear appetite for change and taking control as they take positive action to look for clever ways to grow their investments. Across Europe, 65% of these investors will be looking to expert financial advice to help them.

1 The research was undertaken by YouGov in April 2012

Key areas European investors want advice on:

1. How to make the most of tax efficient savings and opportunities 19%

2. Review pension 17%

3. The amount of money they should be investing 16%

4. To reappraise asset allocation 15%

5. To rebalance long and short-term goals 14%

Nearly one in seven investors (13%) want help simply on how to put a plan together. Overall, the Italians have the highest proportion of investors who say they plan to get financial advice in 2012 (84%) followed by Britons (77%) and Portuguese (75%).

Peter Beckett, Head of International Marketing at Schroders, said:

“Investors across Europe are still understandably concerned with economic conditions and are therefore faced with the challenge of how to maximise the growth of their investments in this uncertain environment. The fact that they are exploring solutions and ways to overcome this to get back on the road to growth again is a positive trend for 2012. The findings suggest that for 65% of investors, financial advice is the key to achieving growth and by making a plan, investors can start to regain control and identify how to realign their investment strategy to meet their long-term goals.”

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Notes to Editors

Additional tables are available upon request. The research was undertaken by YouGov in April 2012 among a representative sample of 1,341 affluent investors spanning 12 European countries. These comprised: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Portugal, Israel and the UK. The affluent investor sample was defined as people with invested assets, excluding primary residence, of €60,000 (or the equivalent amount).

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