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Schroders launches Strategic Bond Fund for Gareth Isaac


Schroders today announced the launch of the Schroder Strategic Bond Fund (subject to FSA approval) which aims to achieve a total return by investing across a broad range of fixed income markets. The Fund will sit in the UK IMA Strategic Bond sector and be managed by Gareth Isaac, Senior Portfolio Manager, with the alternate manager being Bob Jolly, Head of Global Macro.

The benchmark unconstrained Fund will invest in fixed income opportunities across the globe while actively allocating between government bonds, investment grade corporates, high yield corporates and emerging market debt of both governments and credit. Additionally the Fund may use derivatives to limit downside risk, with 80% of the portfolio being hedged back to sterling.

Robin Stoakley, Managing Director of UK Intermediary at Schroders, said:

“We are delighted to launch a fixed income offering which allows the fund manager flexibility to invest in the full spectrum of fixed income instruments globally. This fund is ideal for fixed income investors seeking higher performance potential and is an excellent way to diversify from an allocation to pure equities.”

Gareth Isaac, Senior Portfolio Manager and Manager of the Schroder Strategic Bond Fund, said:

“Against a backdrop of rock bottom interest rates in the western world combined with low yields on money market and government bonds, investors are turning their attention to alternative fixed income asset classes such as investment grade and high yield bonds for better returns. We currently see fantastic value in good quality corporates and high yield issuers as a part of a balanced fixed income portfolio.”

Gareth joined Schroders in 2011 from GLG where he managed the GLG Core Plus Sterling Bond, the GLG Total Return Bond and GLG Gilt funds. Prior to that Gareth was a Senior Fixed Income Manager at SG Asset Management.

Bob was previously Head of Currency, UK Fixed Income and Global Sovereign at UBS Global Asset Management. Prior to this Bob spent over two decades at Gartmore where he rose to the position of Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Construction.

Gareth sits within Schroders’ multi-sector investment team which comprises 100 investment professionals globally including 30 portfolio managers and 30 credit analysts.

For further information, please contact:

Lauren Stewart Tel: +44 (0)20 7658 2589/

Notes to Editors

Credit risk / Foreign exchange: The currency derivative instruments employed are subject to the risk of default by the counterparty. The unrealised gain on the transaction as well as some of the desired market exposure may therefore be lost.

Credit risk / Non-Investment Grade: Non-investment grade securities will generally pay higher yields than more highly rated securities but will be subject to greater market, credit and default risk. Credit risk / Money market & deposits: Investments in money market instruments and deposits with financial institutions may be subject to price fluctuation or default by the issuer. Some of the amounts deposited may not be returned to the fund.

Market risk / ABS / MBS: The issuer of Mortgage or Asset backed securities may have a limited ability to recover amounts due if the underlying borrowers become insolvent or their collateral drops in value.

Operational risk / Operational: The Fund's operations depend on third parties and it may suffer disruption or loss in the event of their failure.

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