60 seconds with Gareth Isaac on the 2015 outlook for global fixed income markets

Gareth Isaac, Fixed Income Fund Manager at Schroders, gives his views on global fixed income markets in 2015.


Gareth Isaac

Gareth Isaac

Gareth Isaac, Fixed Income Fund Manager at Schroders, explains why he’s relatively positive on the outlook for the global economy in the year ahead:

- The US will be the main driver of global growth following a fall in oil prices, which will be great for household budgets as well as rising wages and falling unemployment.
- In the UK we’re also positive. Growth should be between 2.5 and 3 per cent, which is better than we were expecting last year.
- As far as Europe is concerned, the band news is generally priced in to the market and countries like Spain and Italy are beginning to show improvements on the consumer and service sector side, so we’re relatively positive.


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