The Schroders Global Investment Trends Report polled 15,749 active investors aged 18+ in 23 countries with a minimum of €10,000 of assets they are looking to invest in 2014.

The study is the largest we have commissioned to date and includes a number of new countries within the sample, including all the of BRICs nations.

The survey asks respondents a series of 11 questions gauging their confidence and concerns regarding investment opportunities and identifying the regions and asset classes they expect to deliver growth and income in the coming 12 months.

Schroders commissioned Research Plus to conduct the survey, with the active investors polled reflecting the demographics of each country involved in the survey.

We asked the following questions:

  1. Thinking about any disposable income you have (after you have paid all monthly bills and required regular payments) what is your single main priority for 2014?
  2. Thinking about your investments over the next 12 months, which of the following regions do you believe are likely to deliver the best returns?
  3. Thinking about your investments over the next 12 months, which asset classes are you looking to invest in because you believe they are likely to deliver the best returns?
  4. Thinking about your appetite for risk, approximately what proportion of your investments do you think you will allocate to [different risk profile] investments over the next 12 months?
  5. Compared to last year, how confident are you about investment opportunities in 2014?
  6. Thinking about your investments and savings, which three of the following [from a list of macro and micro economic trends and conditions] concern you the most? (respondents could select up to three answers in 2014, verses an open selection in 2013)
  7. Thinking about your investment plans for 2014, how are you planning to change the total amount you save or invest over the next 12 months?
  8. In terms of the new investments you plan to make in 2014 and beyond, which of the following are your three main savings and investments goals / reasons for saving?
  9. When making investment decisions, how important to you are each of the following, in order to achieve your investment goals in 2014?
  10. Thinking about your investments in 2014, over what time period (on average) are you looking to achieve a satisfactory return?
  11. When you make investment decisions, what factors do you feel influence you the most?

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