12SEP 2016
9:00 am


Schroder Recovery Fund - 10 year anniversary

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Value holds centre court in Kevin Murphy and Nick Kirrage's investment strategy for the Schroder Recovery Fund and following this strategy for 10 years has led to a return of 138.7% versus the 72.1% return from the FTSE All Share index*.

To celebrate a decade of managing the fund, please join Nick as he explains how the value investing strategy works and how he and co-manager, Kevin, were able to overcome the tough ten years that value stocks faced.

*Performance from 21 July 2006 to 21 July 2016. Source: FE Analytics, bid to bid with net income reinvested to 21 July 2016, Z Acc share class, net of fees in GBP



  • Schroder Recovery Fund - 10 year anniversary


Nick Kirrage

Nick Kirrage

Fund Manager, Equity Value

I joined Schroders in 2001, initially working as part of the Pan European research team providing insight and analysis on a broad range of sectors from Transport and Aerospace to Mining and Chemicals. In 2006, Kevin Murphy and I took over management of the Schroder Recovery Fund, a UK product identifying and exploiting deeply out of favour investment opportunities. In 2010, Kevin and I also took over management of the Schroder Income Fund, the UK equity team's flagship value product.