Funds in focus

Business Cycle

Five funds use Schroders’ business cycle approach, which combines a clear macro view with bottom-up stock selection, which helps fund managers capture investment opportunities by identifying the companies that are most likely to outperform as the economy moves through each stage of the cycle.

Investment Trusts

Schroders’ investment trusts provide investors with access to a range of nine distinctive investment opportunities including: UK and Japanese equities, Pan-Asian equities and commercial property.

How to invest


The Schroder Multi-Manager Diversity Range is made up of six funds, each specifically designed to achieve the right balance of potential returns and risk exposure through investing globally in equity, fixed income and hedge funds. Our dedicated team of specialists research an investment universe of over 5,000 funds to select the best combination to fit their view of global markets.

Schroder GAIA BlueTrend

Schroder GAIA BlueTrend is a trend following strategy, which aims to generate returns in both a falling and rising market environment. It offers investors access to a broad range of markets, including equities, bonds, commodities, interest rates and currencies via a liquid alternative strategy.

Schroder Recovery Fund

The Schroder Recovery Fund focuses on companies that have suffered a severe setback in either profits or share price. Historically, the market underestimates the ability of businesses to improve their situations over time, and for those who are comfortable with riding out the short-term volatility that comes with a true recovery style of investing the fund is proven to deliver exceptional long-term returns.

Value investing 

Value investing is the art of buying stocks which trade at a significant discount to their intrinsic value. Value investors achieve this by looking for companies on cheap valuation metrics, typically low multiples of their profits or assets, for reasons which are not justified over the longer term.

Schroders' QEP Investments

Capturing the most attractive opportunities from a global universe of over 15,000 stocks, Schroders’ QEP Investment Team employs intelligent portfolio construction based on innovative and forward-looking research.

Schroders' Maximiser Funds

Schroders’ Maximiser strategy focuses on delivering a sustainable high level of income from a stock-market based investment. Employing the skills of Schroders’ highly experienced Structured Investment Team and specialist equity investment teams, the Maximiser strategy has stood the test of time, delivering attractive income returns through different market environments since 2005.

Schroder Multi-Asset Total Return Fund

Schroder Multi-Asset Total Return Fund invests in a broad range of asset types, which can help to generate positive returns or reduce risk at different times.These include assets that are familiar to most, such as equities and bonds, along with assets in more specialist investment areas such as currencies and commodities.

Schroder Global Cities Real Estate

Schroder Global Cities Real Estate invests in property companies that are listed on recognised exchanges around the world. This means the underlying properties are securitised, so clients have a partial stake in the underlying assets rather than having to own direct.