Schroders' QEP Investment

Reasons to invest

Fundamentally driven

Complementary Value and Quality drivers offer investors the potential for outperformance across a broad range of environments.

Exploiting breadth of opportunity

We aim to access the most attractive opportunities by looking beyond the index at a broad investment universe of over 15,000 stocks.

A dynamic investment approach

Disciplined and frequent adjustments mean that portfolios remain invested in the right opportunities at the right time.

The QEP range

We offer investors a comprehensive and innovative range of actively-managed solutions that cater for different return targets and risk appetites.

Our philosophy

A focus on Value and Quality

Two key drivers of long-term equity returns, which outperform at different stages of the market cycle.

Intelligent portfolio construction

We build highly diversified portfolios – typically invested in over 500 stocks – and are able to rebalance portfolios as opportunities evolve.

The power of human insight

Our highly experienced fund managers guide portfolio construction and constantly seek ways to enhance the process and capture future opportunities.