Schroder Recovery Fund

Schroder Recovery Fund

Value holds centre court in Kevin Murphy and Nick Kirrage's investment strategy for the Schroder Recovery Fund. They aim for the value sweet spot, seeking out companies which appear to be significantly under-priced having suffered a setback.

The nature of a true ‘recovery’ strategy can be volatile over short periods, but time and time again over the long-term, the Schroder Recovery Fund has proved its potential to give investors consistent, smashing returns.

5 reasons to invest

Even in the most challenging of economic times, insolvency is rare and many of the most badly affected companies will bounce back as conditions improve. This provides a real and enduring ‘recovery’ opportunity which we aim to exploit.
We look for ideas among unloved businesses and industries, aiming to buy when most others are keen to sell and sell when they want to buy.
We focus on individual businesses rather than broad macro themes. This means that even in a part of the economy which has not been doing so well, for example high street retail, we have the potential to unearth good opportunities.
The small size of our fund gives us the flexibility to establish meaningful positions even in small companies.
We believe our approach is genuinely different. Most investors don't invest this way despite the potential benefits because stocks with recovery potential tend to be less predictable and there will inevitably be some companies that perform disappointingly.

Meet the managers

Nick Kirrage

Nick Kirrage

Co-fund manager


Nick is a specialist Value UK Equity Fund Manager and has previously worked as a sector analyst responsible for a number of UK sectors including Transport and Metals & Mining. He is a CFA charter holder and holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Bristol University.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy

Co-fund manager


Kevin is a specialist Value UK Equity Fund Manager, and was previously a sector analyst for Pan European Construction and Building Materials. Kevin is a CFA charter holder and holds a degree in Economics from Manchester University.

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For more information please visit run by the value team at Schroders.

What are the risks?

  • Past performance is not a guide to future performance and may not be repeated. The value of investments and the income from them may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.
  • Funds that invest predominantly in the companies of one country or region can carry more risk than funds spread over a number of countries or regions.
  • Investments in smaller companies can be less liquid than investments in larger companies and price swings may therefore be greater than in larger company funds.
  • The fund can use derivatives for investment purposes. These instruments can be more volatile than investment in equities or bonds.
  • The fund is not tied to replicating a benchmark and holdings can therefore vary from those in the index quoted. For this reason the comparison index should be used for reference only.

Investing in the fund

Investor profile

May be suitable for investors:

Looking for exposure to large UK companies.

Comfortable with the risks associated with an equity-based investment.

Who have a medium to long-term investment horizon of between 3-5 years.

May not be suitable for investors:

Seeking a lower risk fund.

Not prepared to have their capital at risk.

Uncomfortable with the level of risk associated with equity-based investment.

With a short-term investment horizon.

Unwilling to tolerate short-term volatility (or fluctuations in the value of an investment).


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