About Schroder Real Estate

Schroders’ real estate business

Schroders’ real estate business

Funds under management

Schroders has managed real estate funds since 1971 and currently has £11.7 billion* (€15.1bn / US$18.3bn) of gross real estate assets under management (at 31 December 2014).

Directly invested funds
We manage a broad range of open and closed ended real estate funds, offering investors exposure to both diversified and sector focused portfolios, and differing risk and return profiles. Investors can choose between single country funds and regional funds.

Real estate capital partners
Our real estate capital partners team have managed separate accounts and pooled funds since 1997. Today we manage £3.2 billion (€4.1 / US$5.0) in this style (at 31 December 2014, AUM includes cross holdings in certain Schroder managed real estate funds). 

Real estate securities
Real estate securities provide exposure to global real estate through liquid investment securities. Our real estate securities team have managed separate accounts and pooled funds since 2005. Today we manage £1.6 (€2.0 / US$2.0) billion in this style (at 31 December 2014).  

* Real Estate AUM includes holdings of Schroder Real Estate Capital Partners and Schroders Multi-Asset Funds.

Our real estate team operates from six offices across Europe. The team is highly experienced in real estate fund management, research and strategy, product and client management, finance and administration, and benefits from the significant resources of the Schroder Group.

Schroders operates a matched bargain service for eligible investors on all of its funds. Our efficient dealing service provides price transparency and potentially enhanced liquidity.

Our real estate investment philosophy is based on our belief that the real estate market is imperfect and moves cyclically. We believe that value can be found through detailed research and analysis of the real estate market and of selected investment opportunities. This provides us with the opportunity to outperform the market. We also believe that the level of risk within a portfolio should be commensurate with its investment objectives.

2014 Association of Real Estate Funds Annual Awards
Winner - 5 Year Risk Adjusted Relative Performance (West End of London Property Unit Trust)
2014 Portfolio Adviser Fund Awards
Gold award for the Schroder Global Property Securities Fund
2012 IPD European Property Industry Awards
Winner - United Kingdom Specialist Fund Award: Highest total return relative to the appropriate national sector benchmark, annualised over 3 years to December 2011 (The West End of London Property Unit Trust)
2009 Lipper Fund Awards 2009 United Kingdom
Schroder Global Property Securities A Acc Best Fund over Three Years, Equity Sector Real Estate Holdings Global
2008 IPD/Estates Gazette UK Property Investment Awards
Winner - Specialist Pooled Funds and Traditional Estates over £500 million for 2007 (The Chiswick Park Unit Trust)
2007 IPF/IPD UK Property Investment House of the Year Award
2006 Estates Gazette Property Investment Awards
Best specialist pooled and traditional fund over £50 million (The Chiswick Park Unit Trust)
2005 Pensions Management Property Provider of the Year
2004 Estates Gazette Property Investment Awards
Best performing unitised fund over £200 million over three years to December 2003 (The Hercules Unit Trust)

Estates Gazette Property Investment Awards
Best performing unitised fund between £50-£200 million over three years to December 2003 (Schroder Emerging Retail Property Unit Trust)
2003 Property Week Property Fund Manager of the Year
2002 Property Week Property Innovation award for Schroders specialist property unit trust range