05OCT 2017

Why a value investment should be your portfolio’s special ingredient

More than one hundred years of history suggests that, even if value investing is not completely to your taste, it should at least be a part of your portfolio mix



20JUL 2017


Costs are a key part of the investment equation – but so is timeframe

Of course what you pay for an investment will have a bearing on the return you see at the end but so does how you behave with that investment – including the amount of time for which you hold it

11JUL 2017


House prices outside London are fair-value

We question whether the correct data is being used to establish house price affordability and if that means house prices are indeed over-priced.

06JUL 2017


Why skill takes far longer to show in investment than at Wimbledon

As Wimbledon is again illustrating, the skill and dominance of the very best tennis players are quickly apparent but, in investment, they can take much longer to come to the fore