22MAY 2018

How a longer-term view can offer investors some perspective

The opening months of 2018 may have felt distinctly uncomfortable for investors and yet those prepared to take a longer-term view will be better placed to see not so much has changed since the end of last year



30JAN 2018


Value investing skills #1: Informational edge

There are arguably four broad categories where it is possible for investors to enjoy some sort of advantage over their peers. Here we consider the informational ‘edge’ and how value investors can benefit from one

12JAN 2018


It is impossible to assess a share without reference to its price

Everybody’s investments go up and down in price and, whenever one of ours goes down, we will take a long-term view on its prospects based not on emotion but on its new price and valuation



05DEC 2017


Bitcoin's own valuation measure is meaningless

Aficionados of bitcoin and other so-called ‘crypto assets’ have started to refer to their own kind of valuation measure – the NVT ratio. The only snag being it tells people nothing about valuation


27OCT 2017


The investment decision that haunts us most

As Halloween approaches, we remember a dream stock that turned into a nightmare after an unexpected turn of events left us without a ghost of a chance of making our money back


19SEP 2017


Why we bought Provident Financial

The extraordinary amount of bad news surrounding Provident Financial in recent weeks would have been enough to pique the interest of any contrarian – and that is when the hard work of value investing begins


31AUG 2017


How tobacco stocks could now be damaging to your wealth

When stocks become ‘priced for perfection’, as tobacco businesses now are, even relatively mundane pieces of negative news can have a significant effect on share prices

29AUG 2017


What you pay, not the growth you get, is the biggest driver of future returns

Investment can be as prone to trends as any other area of life so, to illustrate our confidence that value stands the test of time, we will occasionally republish old Value Perspective articles. This one is from January 2013