22MAR 2018

Why Warren Buffett now holds the equivalent of BP in cash

Arguably the greatest investor of all time now holds 60% of his portfolio in cash – equivalent to the market value of the second largest company in the UK. What does that tell you about markets?



15FEB 2018


Value investing skills #2: Analytical edge

There are arguably four broad categories where it is possible for investors to enjoy some sort of advantage over their peers. Here we consider the analytical ‘edge’ and how value investors can benefit from one

09FEB 2018


Five signs your stock could be a value trap

Cheap companies can look appealing. Use these signs so that you don't fall into a value trap.


09JAN 2018


Is there a better poem for investors than this one?

We are not suggesting Rudyard Kipling’s 'If' should be taken as a rhyming manual for value investors in its entirety but it is still a poem you might like to have pinned to a wall somewhere



17OCT 2017


Lessons in value investing from Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler

The work of Richard Thaler, who has just been awarded the 2017 Nobel prize in economic sciences, offers plenty of food for thought for value investors – including a paper inspired by daytime television

05OCT 2017


Why a value investment should be your portfolio’s special ingredient

More than one hundred years of history suggests that, even if value investing is not completely to your taste, it should at least be a part of your portfolio mix


19SEP 2017


Why we bought Provident Financial

The extraordinary amount of bad news surrounding Provident Financial in recent weeks would have been enough to pique the interest of any contrarian – and that is when the hard work of value investing begins

14SEP 2017


The pension graph that looks like a fish and smells even worse

There are two obvious reasons why UK pension funds are buying more bonds and fewer equities – and both arguably smell as fishy as the graph illustrating the trend