23MAR 2017

Political pressures risk economic fissures

Political regime change, both realised and potential, could lead to some real obstacles for trade and economic progress in the US, Europe and the UK.



17MAR 2017


How "small cap" shares can outperform for decades but remain good value

UK smaller company stocks have returned six times the amount of large companies since 1955 and yet may still be good value for investors. Here we explain why.

16MAR 2017


Dovish rate rise from the Fed while BoE and BoJ stand pat

Global central bank roundup: while the Federal Reserve moves towards normalisation of interest rates, it appears to remain a remote prospect for Japan and the UK.

15MAR 2017


Why stockmarkets rise when currencies fall – explained in two charts

These two charts help explain why the FTSE 100 can rise when sterling falls.

08MAR 2017


UK Spring Budget 2017: No time for complacency ahead of tricky two years

No alarms and no real surprises from Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond as he seeks a firm fiscal footing ahead of a crucial period.

08MAR 2017


30-year asset class returns forecast: 2017 update

The Schroders Economics Group provides its annual update of its 30-year return forecasts for a range of asset classes. Equities remain the asset class offering the greatest potential for returns.

07MAR 2017


The road to Brexit: what's next for investors?

With the UK expected to start the process of leaving the EU this month, we asked a panel of investment and economic experts covering a variety of areas, from real estate to European equities, what they are looking out for in the coming months.

03MAR 2017


TalkingEconomics: World economic recovery faces inflation headwind

In the monthly summary of our views on the global economy we highlight the growing threat inflation poses.