16JUN 2017

Is it time to focus on capital preservation, rather than capital growth?

We look at the challenge and importance of emphasising capital preservation over capital growth as market risks build.



09JUN 2017


60 seconds on the outlook for equities after the UK election

The period following Brexit is likely to be turbulent for the FTSE but there will be opportunities to buy cheap stocks.

02JUN 2017


TalkingEconomics: European forecast update - from strength to strength

The eurozone continues to outperform expectations, although UK growth has slowed as expected.


25MAY 2017


UK growth downgrade highlights households’ challenge

The Office for National Statistics downwardly revised first quarter GDP growth in the UK amid figures that show pay growth lagging inflation.

22MAY 2017


Sell in May: does the oldest stockmarket superstition apply to the FTSE 100?

“Go away in May and come back on St Leger day” is the oldest old wives’ tale in the city. Is there any truth in it?

18MAY 2017


Which stockmarket sectors have performed best over two decades?

We look at which UK stockmarket sectors could have grown your money the most over the last 20 years, and what their valuations are telling us now.

16MAY 2017


Consumers under pressure as UK inflation continues to rise

Households are likely to cut back spending as they feel the squeeze.

03MAY 2017


TalkingEconomics: Snap UK election offers hope for a softer Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May’s surprise announcement that there will be an election on 8 June has been cheered by investors. The economy is on the verge of slowing, making holding the election more urgent for the government.