23MAR 2017

Political pressures risk economic fissures

Political regime change, both realised and potential, could lead to some real obstacles for trade and economic progress in the US, Europe and the UK.



01MAR 2017


Focus turns to the Fed after few policy clues from Trump

Trump’s address to Congress was light on detail but his job creation plans pose inflationary risk, and Fed officials are already taking a more hawkish tone.


27FEB 2017

Economic and Strategy Viewpoint

March 2017

This month our economists focus on the inflationary headwind to the global recovery, become cautiously more optimistic on Europe, and explain their more positive view on emerging markets.

21FEB 2017


60 seconds on LA's appeal for real estate investors

Tom Walker explains why Los Angeles is one of the most attractive cities in the US for real estate investing.

15FEB 2017


Trump and the global economy: the good, the bad and the ugly

If President Trump succeeds in eliminating the US trade deficit it would be positive for US growth, but could have concerning consequences for the global economy.

13FEB 2017


Netflix and Hills: how streaming services are moving in on Hollywood real estate

Hollywood is constantly evolving and on demand streaming services like Netflix are having a big impact. Here, the Global Cities team look at one real estate developer hoping to capitalise on the demand for studio space.

03FEB 2017


US payrolls top forecasts but wage growth disappoints

We expect the Federal Reserve to refrain from raising rates until June as wage growth remains subdued.

03FEB 2017


Letter from America - part four: What will Trump's trade and defence policies mean for markets?

UK equity fund manager David Docherty recently visited the US to discover more about the new Donald Trump administration. In part four of his findings, he examines Trump’s stance on trade and defence, and the implications for the wider world.