Fixed Income



09OCT 2017

Will it be smooth sailing for markets until the end of the year?

At the latest Schroders Live event on 4 October, our panel looked at whether equities can sustain their stellar run in view of the coming reduction in central bank liquidity, geopolitical tensions, currency moves and stretched valuations.

Global Market Perspective

06OCT 2017



04OCT 2017


Is the emerging markets revival sustainable?

In this in-depth Q&A, our panel of experts discuss the outlook for emerging market assets, from both a bonds and equities point of view.

03OCT 2017


Investing is a marathon, not a sprint — even during revolutions

Huw van Steenis discusses three of the big themes for investors at Schroders' recent Madrid event: coping with tech disruption, the end of QE and populism.


26SEP 2017


The case for active asset management

The debate on whether to use passive or actively-managed funds can sometimes be one-sided. Our research suggests investors should keep an open mind.

14SEP 2017


Do rising rates reduce returns on income assets?

Our research, which looks at episodes of rising rates since 1970, suggests income-producing assets don’t perform as investors might expect.


16AUG 2017


Why we believe a market correction in high yield bonds would be a buying opportunity

While a high yield market correction has occurred in each year since 2009, we have yet to see one in 2017. Given a positive fundamental backdrop for high yield bonds, we believe any pull-back in the market this year would present a good entry point.

16AUG 2017


How will central bank tightening affect emerging market bonds?

Rajeev de Mello explains that emerging markets are prepared for tighter monetary policy and highlights the Asian countries offering the most attractive yields.