Fixed Income



16JUN 2017

Is it time to focus on capital preservation, rather than capital growth?

We look at the challenge and importance of emphasising capital preservation over capital growth as market risks build.



09JUN 2017


UK election result: what it means for Brexit and markets

Theresa May has formed a new government. Our experts explain the implications for the economy, markets and Brexit.

09JUN 2017


60 seconds on the post-election prospects for UK bonds

Rejection of austerity could mean higher government spending and increased supply of gilts.

06JUN 2017


Monthly markets review - May 2017

An overview of markets in May 2017 when economic news remained encouraging and political risks faded.


15MAY 2017


Investors should prepare for liquidity inflection point

Fixed income investors will need to be opportunistic as periods of volatility are set to increase.

08MAY 2017


Macron victory marks market-friendly French election outcome

Macron’s reform agenda should be positive for economic growth in France. As political risk falls, investors can now turn their focus to the corporate earnings recovery.

05MAY 2017


Monthly markets review - April 2017

A look back at markets in April when equities were supported by positive economic data and a reduction of political risk.

04MAY 2017


Should investors take notice of the slowdown in bank lending?

We ask if the recent US bank lending slowdown is just a blip, or the start of something more sinister.