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13JUN 2017

60 seconds on investing in "brain cluster" cities

Seattle is a prime example of the type of city our real estate investment team favours. This video explains why.

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08MAR 2017


30-year asset class returns forecast: 2017 update

The Schroders Economics Group provides its annual update of its 30-year return forecasts for a range of asset classes. Equities remain the asset class offering the greatest potential for returns.

07MAR 2017


The road to Brexit: what's next for investors?

With the UK expected to start the process of leaving the EU this month, we asked a panel of investment and economic experts covering a variety of areas, from real estate to European equities, what they are looking out for in the coming months.


21FEB 2017


60 seconds on LA's appeal for real estate investors

Tom Walker explains why Los Angeles is one of the most attractive cities in the US for real estate investing.

13FEB 2017


Netflix and Hills: how streaming services are moving in on Hollywood real estate

Hollywood is constantly evolving and on demand streaming services like Netflix are having a big impact. Here, the Global Cities team look at one real estate developer hoping to capitalise on the demand for studio space.


04JAN 2017


60 seconds with Duncan Owen on real estate's prospects in 2017

Duncan Owen looks at where the winning cities for real estate investors in Asia and Europe are likely to be.



16DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: European commercial real estate

Individual cities, rather than countries, should be the focus for commercial real estate investing in 2017.

05DEC 2016


Outlook 2017: Global cities

Volatility is likely in 2017 in a changing landscape for real estate, but a long-term focus on the strongest companies in the strongest global cities should prove beneficial.