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07FEB 2018

Rising global cities: ones to watch in 2018

We highlight investible cities around the world that have the potential to rise up the ranks of the Schroders Global Cities index in 2018



19DEC 2017


Are markets too complacent about the US economy?

The current US economic expansion ranks as the third longest on record and markets seem content to assume it will continue indefinitely. We see scope for growing inflationary forces to surprise markets and precipitate disruption.

13DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: European commercial real estate

As demand for commercial real estate in Europe changes shape, we look at the sectors and cities best suited to adapt.

08DEC 2017


Outlook 2018: Global cities

The rise of the global technology giants will increasingly impact real estate investing.


16NOV 2017


How millennials are transforming the US housing market

More millennials are renting homes rather than buying, prompting large listed companies to cater to the trend, explains our Global Cities blog


19OCT 2017


60 seconds on the state of real estate

In a polarised real estate market, Duncan Owen reveals some of the winning cities and those areas not looking so bright.

13OCT 2017


Amazon hunts for its perfect global city

The Global Cities team analyses Amazon's blueprint for the perfect global city.

12OCT 2017


60 seconds on why data centres matter for real estate investors

Demand for data from sectors such as the gaming industry and high frequency traders can benefit real estate in global cities.