Schroder Global Strategic Bond

Schroder Global Strategic Bond

Schroder Global Strategic Bond seeks to generate total return in all markets whatever direction interest rates or credit spreads take, and add overall portfolio diversification.

Strategy at-a-glance

Investment objective

Seeks to provide total return from fixed income over the medium to longer term.

Portfolio managers

Bob Jolly and Gareth Isaac supported by the Schroders Multi-Sector team.


The Team uses a global theme-based top-down investment approach designed with the flexibility to capture uncorrelated alpha in all fixed income market environments.

Risk management

  • Focus on maximizing return and controlling drawdown
  • Intraday monitoring of profit and loss (P&L) on portfolio and position basis
  • Global and unbiased approach to portfolio risk allocation

5 reasons to invest

1 An all-weather solution
The strategy aims to generate returns in any market conditions by looking to be in the right bond markets at the right time.
2 Flexibility
The strategy utilizes a diverse range of alpha sources, including interest rate, credit, and currency strategies, depending on where we see the best risk-adjusted opportunities.
3 Unconstrained approach
Unconstrained approach to pursue the best investment opportunities around the globe.
4 Integrated investment platform
Global fixed income approach that integrates worldwide expertise, experienced regional teams and local market knowledge to seek to identify the best fixed income targets.
5 Consistency
Consistent investment process developed and fully tested over 10 years - throughout the full cycle of market conditions.

Targeting clear outcomes

Adding globally unconstrained fixed income strategies may help investors to better navigate different risk and interest rate environments as they have the potential to provide:

Principal protection

Positive performance regardless of market, risk premium or interest rate direction

Low correlation to long only strategies

Delivering clear outcomes

In seeking to preserve wealth and enable investors to achieve the desired outcomes, Schroder Global Strategic Bond is:

Absolute return focused

Truly uncons-trained

Active risk management

Flexible and global


Strategic and tactical

Diversified sources of alpha

We believe the best way to deliver absolute returns is to diversify in terms of alpha source and time horizon. With such a broad alpha “tool kit”, we look to capitalize on opportunities— and hedge risks that aren’t fully compensated for — wherever they occur.

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Meet the managers

Extensive global team

Investing in global markets requires a global team. At Schroders, we have over 1201 fixed income specialists based across Europe, South America, the US, Asia and Australia. These specialists meet every quarter to discuss investment themes and strategies.

Bob Jolly

Bob Jolly, CFA

Portfolio Manager - Since Inception


Mr. Jolly is a Portfolio Manager and heads the Global Macro team at Schroders. Prior to joining Schroders, he was Head of Currency for US Fixed Income and Global Sovereign at UBS Global Asset Management.

Gareth Isaac

Gareth Isaac, CFA

Portfolio Manager - Since Inception


Mr. Isaac is a Portfolio Manager at Schroders. He has been an employee of the Schroders organization since 2011. Prior to joining Schroders, he managed a number of fixed income funds at GLG Partners.

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