Schroder US Opportunities Fund

Fund information

Fund information

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Ticker Symbol SCUIX SCUVX
CUSIP 808088405 808088694
Inception Date 8/6/1993 5/15/2006
Fund Assets N/A N/A

(Closed to new investors)


Investment Objective

The Fund seeks capital appreciation by investing primarily in securities of smaller companies in the United States.

Fund Overview

  • Core investment style uses a bottom-up, fundamental, research-based approach to small-cap stock evaluation
  • Seeks to identify companies with compelling business models, strong management teams and attractive valuation levels
  • Sources of research include: company managements, competitors, media and suppliers
  • Portfolio composed of 100 - 150 stocks with typical allocation of:
    • 50-70% invested in mispriced growth opportunities
    • 20-50% in "steady eddies" (companies with dependable earnings and revenue)
    • 0-20% in "turnarounds" (companies that consensus deems out of favor, but we believe have potential)

Management Team*

  • Team managed by Jenny B. Jones
  • 34 years investment experience
  • Joined Schroders in 2002 as Head of US Small Cap Equity team
  • Team: seven research analysts dedicated to small-cap companies; one product manager


  • Jenny B. Jones
    Schroder US Opportunities Fund - Since 2003

    Ms. Jones is the Head of US Small and Mid Cap Equities of Schroders. She has been an employee of Schroders since 2003. Formerly, portfolio manager and Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Investment Advisors Inc.


Fund Facts (As of March 1, 2015)

 Investor SharesAdvisor Shares
Minimum Investment $250,000 $2,500
Min. Subsequent Inv $1,000 $1,000
Management Fees 1.00% 1.00%
Distribution (12b-1) Fees NONE 0.25%
Other Expenses1 0.38% 0.38%
Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses 1.38% 1.63%
Less: Fee Waiver and Expense Reimbursement2 (0.05)% (0.05)%
Net Annual Fund Operating Expenses 1.33% 1.58%


Daily Price (As of N/A)

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