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The Schroder International Multi-Cap Value Fund is an active, index-unconstrained, value-based strategy that seeks to deliver higher long-run returns. Analyzing a universe of over 12,000 stocks, the team uses a bottom-up process to construct a highly diversified portfolio of over 500 stocks, providing access to international opportunities of all sizes from both developed and emerging markets.


Annualized Performance %
Performance to June 30, 2016
International Multi-Cap Value Fund (Investor shares)
Added value relative to MSCI EAFE
Added value relative to MSCI AC World ex US
1 year 3 years 5 years Since Inception*
3.50 2.01 3.79
-10.16 2.06 1.68 1.22
3.91 1.44 0.33 2.57
-10.24 1.16 0.10 1.51
3.99 2.34 1.91 2.28
Source: Schroders. Schroder International Multi-Cap Value Fund Investor shares, net of Fees in USD. TER capped at 0.95% pa. Benchmark: MSCI ACWI ex US Index Net Dividend Re-invested. *Performance inception date: August 30, 2006. Performance shown reflects past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Principal value and investment returns will fluctuate so that shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. For the most recent month-end performance, visit or call (800) 730-2932. Shares held for two months or less are subject to a 2% redemption fee. Performance for periods less than one year is not annualized and performance of periods greater than one year is annualized.

Meet the manager

Justin Abercrombie

Justin Abercrombie

Head of QEP investment team



Justin Abercrombie has over 23 years of investment experience. He joined Schroders in 1996 and was a founding member of the QEP Global Equities team. Holding a Degree in Business Economics from the University of Reading and an MSc in Econometrics.

QEP Investment Team

  • Team manages over $38.5 billion in assets across a range of global, international and emerging market strategies.
  • Investment philosophy is based upon combining fundamental data and well-researched behavioral insights.
  • Considerable emphasis is placed on portfolio construction and genuine diversification of risk.

Investing in the fund

Why Schroders?

  • Value style - we believe attractively priced companies with strong fundamentals outperform in the long run.
  • Embracing breadth - exploiting opportunities from more than 12,000 stocks globally from both developed and emerging markets.
  • Stock weights are determined by fundamentals, not market cap - higher weights to stocks with better fundamentals rather than a stock’s size with the objective of reducing the performance drag from over allocating to mega cap stocks.
  • Bottom-up, index unconstrained investing - we believe minimal sector, region or size constraints maximizes the potential return and minimizes dead money allocated to expensive stocks simply to satisfy inefficient index constraints.
  • Focus on risk management and portfolio construction - experienced investors are responsible for implementing every trade decision, ensuring proper diversification and identifying future risks and return opportunities.
  • Quarterly income - the fund has historically generated a high level of dividend income which is paid quarterly to investors.
  • Broad, all-cap universe - exploiting opportunities from over 12,000 international stocks of all sizes from both developed and emerging markets.

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Awards and ratings

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More information

Investor Share (SIDNX) Adviser Share (SIDVX)
Min $250,000 Min $2,500

Contact: (800) 730-2932

Important information

Data as of June 30, 2016 unless otherwise noted.

Please consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. For a free prospectus, which contains this and other information on any Schroders Fund, visit, or call (800) 730-2932. Read the prospectus carefully before investing.
Main Risks

All investments, domestic and foreign, involve risks including the risk of possible loss of principal. The market value of a fund’s portfolio may decline as a result of a number of factors, including adverse economic and market conditions, prospects of stocks in the portfolio, changing interest rates, and real or perceived adverse competitive industry conditions. Investing overseas involves special risks including among others, risks related to political or economic instability, foreign currency (such as exchange, valuation, and fluctuation) risk, market entry or exit restrictions, illiquidity and taxation. Emerging markets pose greater risks than investments in developed markets. Please see the prospectus for a full description of the risks associated with the fund. Investments in small and medium capitalization companies generally carry greater risk than is customarily associated with larger capitalization companies, which may include, for example, less public information, more limited financial resources and product lines, greater volatility, higher risk of failure than larger companies, and less liquidity.


Total return figures are net of fees and expenses, which includes a .25% distribution fee paid under rule 12b-1 for Advisor Shares only, and reflect reinvestment of all dividends and distributions at net asset value. As described in the prospectus, during certain periods shown, the expenses borne by the fund were limited by the investment adviser; otherwise total return would have been lower.

Outperformance claim based on the historical performance of the Fund relative to the MSCI All-Country World ex US since inception. There can be no guarantee made of any future outcomes.


This information is designed to describe an investment strategy generally and does not constitute an offer to sell any investment vehicle, security or instrument. The information and opinions contained in this document have been obtained from sources we consider to be reliable. No responsibility can be accepted for errors of facts obtained from third parties. Reliance should not be placed on the views and information in the document when taking individual investment and/or strategic decisions. Schroders has expressed its own views and opinions in this document and these may change.

No managed account can guarantee that its performance will match the performance of an index.


The MSCI EAFE Index is a market weighted index composed of companies representative of the market structure of certain developed companies located in Europe, Australasia and the Far East, and reflects the dividends net of non-recoverable withholding tax. MSCI All Country World ex-U.S. Index is an unmanaged, free float-adjusted, market capitalization weighted index composed of stocks of companies located in countries throughout the world, excluding the United States. It is designed to measure equity market performance in global developed and emerging markets outside the United States. Investors may not invest directly in an index. MSCI makes no express or implied warranties or representations and shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to any MSCI data contained herein. The MSCI data may not be further redistributed or used as a basis for other indices or any securities or financial products. This report is not approved, endorsed, reviewed or produced by MSCI. None of the MSCI data is intended to constitute any kind of investment decision and may not be relied on as such.


Lipper Awards for Best Fund in the International Multi-Cap Value Funds category based upon total return performance for the periods: 5 years as of November 30, 2013 ranked number 1 out of 79; 3 years as of November 30, 2012 ranked number 1 out of 73; and 5 years as of November 30, 2012 ranked number 1 out of 59; 5 years as of December 31, 2011 ranked number 1 out of 70; and 3 years as of December 31, 2010 ranked number 1 out of 73. Lipper Leaders rankings and methodology are available at The Lipper Fund Award criteria are as follows: Funds registered for sale in the respective country as of the end of the calendar year of the respective evaluation year. At least 36 months of performance history as of the end of the calendar year of the respective evaluation year. Lipper Global classifications with at least ten distinct portfolios based on the primary share class definition, excluding residual classifications, institutional, private, closed-end, exchange traded, insurance and linked funds. Asset classes: equity, bond, and mixed-asset except for Absolute Return funds where money market and other fund asset types are considered as well. Lipper Ratings for Total Return reflect fund historic total return performance relative to peers. Lipper Ratings for Consistent Return reflect fund historical risk-adjusted returns relative to peers. Lipper Ratings for Preservation are relative, rather than absolute. Lipper Ratings for Expense reflect fund expense minimization relative to peers. Lipper Ratings for Tax Efficiency (U.S. Only) reflect fund historical ability to postpone taxable distributions. Lipper Ratings DO NOT take into account the effects of sales charges. Overall Ratings are based on an equal-weighted average of percentile ranks for each measure over 3-, 5-, and 10-year periods (if applicable). Lipper, a Thomson Reuters company, provides independent insight on global collective investments including mutual funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, fund fees and expenses to the asset management and media communities. Lipper ranks the performance of mutual funds within a classification of funds that have similar investment objectives. Rankings are historical with capital gains and dividends reinvested and do not include the effect of loads. If an expense waiver was in affect, it may have had a material effect on the total return or yield and, therefore, the raking for the period.


Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Schroders plc and is a SEC registered investment adviser and registered in Canada in the capacity of Portfolio Manager with the Securities Commission in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan providing asset management products and services to clients in Canada. This document does not purport to provide investment advice and the information contained in this newsletter is for informational purposes and not to engage in a trading activities. It does not purport to describe the business or affairs of any issuer and is not being provided for delivery to or review by any prospective purchaser so as to assist the prospective purchaser to make an investment decision in respect of securities being sold in a distribution.

Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. (“SIMNA Inc.”) is an investment advisor registered with the U.S. SEC. It provides asset management products and services to clients in the U.S. and Canada including Schroder Capital Funds (Delaware), Schroder Series Trust and Schroder Global Series Trust, investment companies registered with the SEC (the “Schroder Funds”.) Shares of the Schroder Funds are distributed by Schroder Fund Advisors LLC, a member of FINRA. SIMNA Inc. and Schroder Fund Advisors LLC are indirect, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Schroders plc, a UK public company with shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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Schroder Investment Management North America Inc. 875 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 641-3800,


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