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Declares income and capital gain distributions June 2011



New York, New York- June 23, 2011

(This release is correcting the record date from July 24, 2011 to July 25, 2011.)

The Board of Directors of The Swiss Helvetia Fund, Inc., a closed-end investment company, announced today the declaration of net investment income and long-term capital gain distributions in the amount of $0.011 per share and $0.727 per share respectively. When determining the amount of the distributions per share, the Fund has assumed that the full amount of shares will be tendered under the tender offer that is currently in process. If less than 5% of the Fund's outstanding shares are tendered, the amount of the distributions per share will be slightly lower, since there will be more shares outstanding than is currently contemplated. The distribution will be paid on August 29, 2011 in the form of stock, with an option to take cash, to stockholders of record on July 25, 2011. The shares will trade "ex-dividend" on July, 21, 2011.

The Fund is a non-diversified, closed-end investment company whose objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation through investment in equity and equity-linked securities of Swiss companies. The Fund is managed by Hottinger Capital Corp. and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol SWZ.

For further information regarding the Fund, please contact Rudolf Millisits, Executive Vice President of Hottinger Capital Corp. at 1-888-SWISS-00 or (212) 332-2760, 1270 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 400, New York, New York, 10020.