Market Views: Multi-Asset

19APR 2018

Our multi-asset views for April 2018

We break down our views on all the major asset classes, from equities to currencies, in one simple infographic.

Market Views: Multi-Asset

04APR 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

28MAR 2018



01MAR 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Six market charts that matter: Italy's problems, Greek bonds, the Vix spike

From Italian elections to tech startups - we round up some of the charts that caught our eye in February.


15FEB 2018

Market Views: Equities

Where next for markets as Europe moves from recovery to expansion?

Can Europe’s economic momentum continue and how will tighter monetary policy affects investments?


19JAN 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Thoughts from the Investment Desk

For 2018, “3” is the magic number for a reflationary environment to continue.

10JAN 2018

Market Views: Multi-Asset

How can investors find sustainable income?

Demand for income remains strong but investors may be taking on more risk than they realise. We look at how to generate a sustainable income yield across asset classes.

08JAN 2018

Global Market Perspective

Global Market Perspective Q1 2018

Themes for 2018, slowing global liquidity, the behaviour of inflation and a review of 2017 all feature in this quarter's economic and asset allocation views.



01DEC 2017

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Outlook 2018: Multi-asset

We are focused on generating returns while the going is good, but also remain alert to any sign that the benign backdrop may be changing.

01DEC 2017

Market Views: Multi-Asset

Outlook 2018: Multi-manager

It will be important to seek a margin of safety when investing in 2018 as high valuations are widespread and inescapable.