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Vous trouvez ici notre programme de manifestations et conférences-Web avec nos spécialistes en placements. Vous trouvez également le contenu de manifestations antérieures.

Fund Manager visite

28FÉVR. 2017

Alan Ayres on Global Emerging Markets Equity in Zurich

Join our lunch presentation with Alan Ayres, Client Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets Equity at Schroders in London. He will present an overview of the Schroders product offering, give a performance update and an outlook for Global Emerging Markets Equity. A special focus will be on Schroder ISF* Global Emerging Markets Smaller Companies and Schroder ISF Emerging Europe. In addition, Alan will outline the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors and its inclusion in the investment process. 


Fund Manager visite

24FÉVR. 2017

Fund Manager visite

17FÉVR. 2017



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