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Smog-bound Beijing faces marathon adjustment
A postcard from... Beijing: Keith Wade reflects on his recent visit to China where he sensed a move away from market-based solutions towards a greater centralisation of power.
Watch: 60 seconds with Keith Wade on the US outlook
Amid growing concerns about possible threats to US growth, Keith Wade explains why he is confident that the country's economic recovery remains on track.
Schroders Live: Volatility presents an opportunity
In a wide-ranging and interactive debate Peter Harrison, Head of Investment, and Azad Zangana, European Economist, gave their opinions on the global growth cycle, outlook for Europe and the implication of volatility for investors.
The Asset Quality Review and stress test: where to next?
Justin Bisseker looks at the results of the tests and some of the more subtle conclusions he expects the equity market to focus on.
Schroders Quickview: Dilma's delight likely to sour markets
Brazil disappointed investors by returning incumbent Dilma Rousseff to the presidential office in Sunday’s vote. Hopes for reform to address Brazil’s structural economic problems have been dimmed, if not dashed.