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Schroders Economic & Strategy Viewpoint - September 2014
In this month's Viewpoint:
USD breakout: causes and consequences
UK: Back to business
Brazil: Up the Amazon without a paddle
Views at a glance
Lessons from the last 40 years for the next 20
In place of his usual Crystal Ball looking at the year ahead, Alan Brown takes a longer perspective and thinks about the lessons we can take from the last 40 years.
Schroders Quickview: Scotland rejects independence
After months of intense campaigning, great uncertainty and volatility in markets, Scotland has voted not to leave the United Kingdom.
Decision day for Scotland: what will the impact be?
As the current United Kingdom both north and south of the border holds its breath to see which way the Scottish independence referendum goes, we have put together some key facts and figures to give some perspective on the potential consequences.
Watch: 60 seconds with Tom Dorey on UK property
Tom Dorey comments on the strong demand from international investors for UK property.