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Schroder Investment Management GmbH is a German limited liability company domiciled at Frankfurt am Main. It is registered in the Commercial Register of the Local Court of Frankfurt am Main under no. HRB 45298 and is licensed by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt am Main to act as a broker of financial investments according to the Commercial Code. The Managing Director is Achim Küssner.

Information by the company regarding the status-related obligatory information on Schroder Investment Management GmbH pursuant to Sec. 12 FinVermV

Registered in the commercial register pursuant to Sec. 34f (5) GewO under register no. D-F-125-JNQ4-49 (www.vermittlerregister.info) with a permit to operate as a financial investment broker pursuant to Sec. 34 f (1) sentence 1 no. 1 GewO.

Permit granted by the following official authority

IHK Frankfurt am Main, Börsenplatz 4, 60313 Frankfurt, Germany (www.frankfurt-main.ihk.de)

Main business

The object of the company is brokering deals and demonstrating the opportunity of contracts on the acquisition of foreign investment fund shares and the marketing thereof.

Issuers and providers regarding the financial investments of which Schroder Investment Management GmbH offers brokering and consultancy services:

Schroder Investment Management GmbH offers brokering and consultancy services on foreign investment fund shares only for such investment fund shares issued by associated companies of the Schroders Group.

Commercial register:

Local Court of Frankfurt am Main HRB 45298

Managing Director:

Achim Küssner

Tax no:

VAT ID: DE195395876

Name and domicile of the company:

Schroder Investment Management GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Postal address and contact data:

Taunustor 1 (TaunusTurm)
60310 Frankfurt, Germany

Tel. + 49 69 97 57 17 0 
Telefax: + 49 69 97 57 17 302
E-Mail: invest@schroders.com

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