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Miss it, miss out: the opportunity in Asian private equity

The 21st century belongs to Asia, and China and India in particular.

The region’s economies are undergoing a dramatic transformation, powered by technological prowess and the 4-Ms which characterise Asian consumers: millennial, middle-class, metropolitan and mobile-enabled.

The perception of China as the manufacturing workshop of the west is well past its sell by date.

For example, its eCommerce market has grown from nothing to be the world’s largest within a decade, the value of mobile payments in China is 11-times higher than in the US, and China buys more electric cars every year than Europe and US combined.

Nowhere else can match the region’s combination of scale and growth. Private equity has the keys to unlock this opportunity.

In an environment of subdued global growth and lacklustre return expectations across most asset classes, private equity in Asia offers a rare glimmer of hope. The phrase “miss it, miss out” has never been more apt.