Boyan Petrov Heads for His Most Challenging Expedition Yet

At the beginning of next week, high-altitude climber Boyan Petrov will start his new expedition from the project "BULGARIAN TO 14 X 8000". For 2018 he set himself the ambitious goal of conquering 5 peaks – the eight-thousanders Shisha Pangma, Everest and Cho Oyo, as well as seven-thousanders Khan Tengri and Pobeda. The latter was announced at the press conference disclosing the mountaineer’s plans for the year. The founder of Karoll Financial Group, Stanimir Karolev, participated in the event too. Schroder Investment Management and their local partner Karoll Capital, support Boyan Petrov in his project to climb all 14 eight-thousanders and win the Himalayan crown.

"We support Boyan’s project mostly because there is much emotion and a big dream involved," stated Stanimir Karolev. "In a way the project is relevant to the world of entrepreneurship too. At the top of big business as well as at the top of the mountain it is hard to live, it is about survival. What business people are focused on is not how to stay on top, but how to get there," he added.

Boyan Petrov 's plans begin with the ascent of Shisha Pangma (8,013m). Next he will head to Everest (8,848m). Step 3 and 4 are the seven-thousanders Cannes Tengri (6,995m) and Pobeda (7,443m). The last peak in the mountaineer's yearly plan is Cho Oyo (8,201 m). He included the two seven-thousanders to maintain his peak state during the summer. The climbing of Mount Pobeda has another purpose too - the Snow Bars collection - the 5 seven-thousanders of the former Soviet Union. So far Boyan has already ascended 4 of them.

The extreme-altitude climber announced that his functional tests turned out excellent, so he heads out on the expedition in a good shape. If he successfully
climbs the 3 eight-thousanders this year, Boyan will have conquered 13 such peaks. The last one - Lhotce - which would bring him the Himalayan crown, is what’s left for 2019.

Until today, only 39 mountaineers have gained the Himalayan crown, with just 19 having conquered the peaks without the help of supplemental oxygen or Sherpas.