BlueOrchard with strong impact and performance in 2021 – further strengthening its climate and financial inclusion investment platform

BlueOrchard looks back on a successful anniversary year, in which the firm further expanded its leadership position with innovative initiatives and enlarged its investor base. In addition, BlueOrchard received several awards, including the prestigious peers-judged Institutional Asset Manager Award in the category “Best Impact Investing Asset Management Firm”. In the current year, BlueOrchard will focus on further strengthening its investment platform for climate and financial inclusion.



Driving climate action in growth markets

Scaling climate impact strategies is one of BlueOrchard’s key themes. With the launch of a UCITS emerging markets climate bond fund in collaboration with Schroders and the successful closing of a sustainable infrastructure debt strategy, BlueOrchard responded to the climate crisis as well as the strong investor demand for a climate impact strategy focused on positive environmental change.

Fostering financial inclusion amid Covid-19 pandemic

As of December 2021, BlueOrchard provided access to financial services for nearly 230 million people in growth markets. With record investments of more than USD 1,4 billion in over 260 private debt transactions, the firm continued to expand its investment platform across regions amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, BlueOrchard’s Covid-19 support strategy exceeded USD 200 million, evolving into a leading blended finance solution that protects jobs and supports small businesses in hard-hit markets.

Thought leader in impact measurement and management

To systematically assess the impact of each current and prospective investee and identify potential for improvement, BlueOrchard has developed its proprietary B.Impact framework, the latest generation of BlueOrchard’s industry-standard impact measurement framework. In 2021, B.Impact has been expanded to new asset classes such as listed debt and sustainable infrastructure.

20 years of impact

In 2021, BlueOrchard celebrated 20 years of lasting positive impact for communities and the environment, while proving the concept of double/triple bottom line investments. Through BlueOrchard’s investments, millions of people with low incomes in emerging and frontier markets received access to financial services. Some of them are portrayed in BlueOrchard’s anniversary book “This Is My Story”.

Outlook: Focus on financial inclusion and climate action

In 2022, BlueOrchard will continue to expand its impact investment solutions across public and private markets. Furthermore, the firm will focus on responding to both the climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic through its bond and private infrastructure strategies and financial inclusion offerings.

Philipp Mueller, BlueOrchard’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “In our 20th anniversary year we could further strengthen our position as a leading impact investment manager. We look back at a successful 2021, in which we could considerably expand our investment platform and leverage our local expertise. We launched new climate action strategies, increased our impact outreach, and delivered strong performance across portfolios in a challenging environment. We will continue to advance our mission to generate lasting positive impact for communities and the environment and drive impact at scale in regions that need it most.”

Peter Fanconi, Chairman of the Board of BlueOrchard, said: “I am delighted with the successful development of BlueOrchard in the last 20 years. Our dedicated teams around the world have shown time and time again how responsibility and positive, sustainable impact can be combined with attractive returns. I am looking forward to our ambitious plans for the new year and thank our employees, investors and partners, in particular Schroders, for their trust and loyalty.”