Sustainable International Multi-Factor Equity

Investment Objective

The strategy’s objective is to outperform the MSCI All Country World ex US Index by 1% over rolling 3 year periods, while systematically integrating sustainability into the investment process.

By integrating sustainability alongside traditional factors (Value, Momentum, Low Volatility and Quality), the strategy seeks to outperform the broad market, while providing environmental, social and governance benefits.


Schroder Sustainable International Multi-Factor Equity is a systematic international equity strategy with a fully integrated approach to sustainable investing. It is designed to provide investors with ongoing access to the best thinking in two increasingly important fields of investment: factor investing and sustainability.

Our approach to factor investing enables us to seamlessly integrate a number of sustainability criteria, including SustainEx (Schroders’ proprietary measure of ESG impact), sophisticated and material measures of corporate governance, and a 50% reduction in carbon intensity, compared to the MSCI ACWI ex US.

The strategy will evolve over time with new information and improved data, unlike strategies which lock investors into a simplistic or fixed approach. Schroders is committed to bringing the best thinking in factor investing and sustainability to our investors now and in the future.