Private Assets



05SEP 2019

Was bedeuten niedrige (und weiter sinkende) US-Zinsen für Anleger in Immobilien und Verbriefungen?

Wir glauben, dass niedrigere Zinsen die Bewertungen von Gewerbe- und Wohnimmobilien stützen werden. Wie können Anleger davon profitieren?



01AUG 2019


Sind Gewinne mittlerweile überflüssig?

Die Zahl börsennotierter US-Unternehmen, die Verluste machen, nähert sich einem Rekordniveau. Wir fragen unsere Experten Frank Thormann und Nils Rode, was dies für die Anleger bedeutet.


24JUN 2019


Investors have a second chance to avoid leveraged loan risks

Leveraged loans have bounced back from a difficult end to 2018, but numerous risks remain. Investors who haven’t already reconsidered their positioning have a rare second opportunity to do so.

19JUN 2019


Are profits no longer required?

The number of loss-making US companies listing on the stock market is close to a record high. We ask two Schroders experts what this means for investors.

18JUN 2019


What to look for when investing in global cities

Hugo Machin, Fund Manager, Global Cities, explains what makes a successful global city investment and why London is so highly rated.

13JUN 2019


The battle of the bays: China’s urban ascent

In the "battle of the bays" featuring locations such as Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, our money is on China's Greater Bay Area becoming the pre-eminent economic region in the world.

10JUN 2019


What's the opportunity in retirement living?

We look at the investment case behind retirement living communities in the UK against a backdrop of low yields in global commercial real estate.

06JUN 2019


Checking out the value in owner-operated hotels

While yields have compressed in the wider hotel market, the European owner-operator segment still offers considerable value, not least because of this area’s attractive yield premium.