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16MRZ 2021
9:00 - 2.5 hours

Virtual Schroders Private Assets / Alternatives Conference 2021

In the prevalent financial environment with base interest rates at record lows, investors continue their search for alternative ways of achieving higher returns. Private assets not only offer such an alternative but also provide investors with the necessary portfolio diversification.

According to the Schroders Institutional Investor Study 2020, investors said they were ramping up their allocations to private assets from 12.8% in 2019 to 14.1% in 2020, with 46% stating that an increase in their allocation to private assets would help manage risk.

Schroders offers a wide-range of innovative private assets products, making them accessible to our diverse client base. These solutions include Real Estate, Private Equity, Insurance-Linked Securities, Infrastructure, Private debtto name just a few.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to the third edition of the Schroders Private Assets and Alternatives Conference. Our experts will be providing you with insightful updates on the latest developments and investment ideas, covering the following asset classes:

Please register by Friday 12 March for this exclusive virtual event, taking place on:
​​​​Tuesday 16 March 2021, 09:00-11:30am CET.




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