17MRZ 2022

Schroders Private Assets / Alternatives Conference 2022

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Schroders Private Assets / Alternatives Conference 2022

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Opening the conference, Dominik Brunner,  Head of Sales, Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, expressed how everyone at Schroders is deeply shocked and saddened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Against this background, Schroders will monitor the situation and will continue to take investment decisions to protect our clients’ interests. Further, Dominik shed light on the breadth and depth of the Schroders Private Assets business in Switzerland, with 131 investment specialists based locally and 50% of Schroders assets being invested in Private Assets.

Georg Wunderlin, Global Head of Private Assets, Schroders London, followed on with an overview of the evolution of the Schroders Private Assets world. Today, Schroders Capital* is a leader in Europe with more than $75bn AUM and a well-diversified investment platform, not only in terms of investment categories but also liquidity profiles and geographic regions. He also stressed the key role played by impact investing and delivering not only financial outcome but also measurable impact results.

Dr. Nils Rode , Chief Investment Officer, Schroders Capital Management (Switzerland) AG Switzerland addressed the current market challenges and the consequences for the Private Assets segment. He also explained why it is crucial for investors to focus on the complexity premium, a significant source of return, and to look into the long tail of the Private Assets market.

The four breakout sessions allowed attendees to delve deeper into different Private Assets categories:

Tim Boole , Head of Product Management Private Equity Schroders Capital Management (Switzerland) AG, explained the attractiveness of semi-liquid, evergreen strategies. He also pointed out how a diversified portfolio can protect clients against “shocks” by using co-investments and secondaries and why a semi-liquid fund requires a well-established Private Equity platform, offering a great deal of flexibility.

Alexandra Stevens , Investment Director, Schroders London focused on how to attain alpha and uncorrelated returns with the flagship Schroder GAIA Helix. She explained how the fund is dealing with the current market challenges and which strategy changes were implemented.

Felix Hermes , Head of Private Equity & Sustainable Infrastructure, BlueOrchard Switzerland explained how the impact investing industry has changed over the years, away from traditional investing and philanthropy to sustainable investing. He also elaborated on the International Finance Corporation (IFC) operating principles for impact management, on how to navigate the market, and the importance of a comprehensive definition of impact objectives and contribution.

Michelle Russel-Dowe , Global Head of Securitized Products & Asset-Based Finance and Nick Pont , Head of Product Strategy, Securitized Products & Asset-Based Finance, both with Schroders New York, explained why securitized credit solutions are ideally placed to protect portfolios against inflationary pressure and rising interest rates. They had a close look at the current market situation and why exposure to the sector offers a diversity of risk premia.

Finally, in his keynote, Andy Fitze, Digital Cognitive Strategist took us on a journey through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) world, showing us how AI is redefining the global race for innovation by  converting analysed data into innovative solutions and advancement. He ended his presentation by stressing the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork, using a sailing metaphor to define AI “It’s about all hands on deck”.


Schroders Private Assets/ Alternatives Conference 2022 Main Plenary

Portfolio construction considerations in semi-liquid private equity funds

Schroder GAIA Helix: focused on delivering alpha and uncorrelated returns

Floating-rate is the new fixed income – managing income through change (inflation, policy, rates)

Sustainability investment in private assets – Measuring impact in private equity

Keynote Artificial Intelligence

Date and Venue

17MRZ 2022