16MRZ 2021

Virtual Schroders Private Assets / Alternatives Conference 2021

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Virtual Schroders Private Assets / Alternatives Conference 2021

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In the prevalent financial environment with base interest rates at record lows, investors continue their search for alternative ways of achieving higher returns. Private assets not only offer such an alternative but also provide investors with the necessary portfolio diversification.

According to the Schroders Institutional Investor Study 2020, investors said they were ramping up their allocations to private assets from 12.8% in 2019 to 14.1% in 2020, with 46% stating that an increase in their allocation to private assets would help manage risk.

Schroders offers a wide-range of innovative private assets products, making them accessible to our diverse client base. These solutions include Real Estate, Private Equity, Insurance-Linked Securities, Infrastructure, Private debtto name just a few.

We are extremely pleased to invite you to the third edition of the Schroders Private Assets and Alternatives Conference. Our experts will be providing you with insightful updates on the latest developments and investment ideas, covering the following asset classes:




Ana Maria Montero und Andreas Markwalder, CEO, Schroder Investments Management (Switzerland) AG

Introduction session: What are the key Private Assets solutions at Schroders?
How we meet clients’ needs

David Seex, Head of Private Assets Sales, Schroders Hong Kong

Opportunities in Private Equity

Richard Damming, Senior Investment Director, Schroder Adveq

What makes European real estate attractive in the current environment

Roger Hennig, Head of Real Estate Investment, Schroders Switzerland

Democratization of Private Equity – up to a strong start (Product presentation, semi-liquid solution)

Benjamin Alt, Senior Investment Director, Schroder Adveq

Listed real estate is the only way to access some of the strongest markets and trends

Tom Walker, Co-Head of Global Real Estate Securities, Schroders London

Private Equity co-investments: a valuable strategy for uncertain markets – Schroder Adveq Direct III (Product presentation)

Maria Prieto, Senior Investment Director, Schroder Adveq

Why are we seeing stronger market conditions in ILS?

Stephan Ruoff, Head of ILS, Schroders Switzerland

Key note speaker
The new world of real estate

Sophie van Oosterom, Global Head of Real Estate, Schroders London

End of the conference – Key takeaways

Dominik Brunner, Head of Intermediary Sales, Schroders Switzerland


Date and Venue

16MRZ 2021