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15NOV 2019

The investment implications of going without meat

Data suggests younger generations are already eschewing meat and dairy, motivated by health and environmental reasons. If this trend gains momentum, what will it mean for agriculture, food industries and the wider economy?

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11NOV 2019

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29OKT 2019



28OKT 2019


Rising values: are stock markets over-priced?

Dividend yields are higher than bond yields in most major markets. Historically, this has been a reliable "buy" signal. But other measures suggest stocks are not cheap

21OKT 2019


Street battles and mass defiance: what's the future for Hong Kong?

One of the world's most iconic and connected cities, Hong Kong has become the scene of repeated and determined unrest. Tourism and retail revenues are collapsing – but what are the longer-term implications?

10OKT 2019


Investors grow nervous

Review & outlook October 2019: while manufacturing is weak, other areas of economic activity are faring better, and recession is not expected in 2020


03SEP 2019

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Social media's new multi-billion dollar industry

In charts: the marketing revolution under way as companies direct more of their spending at the “influencers” who endorse their goods and services


20AUG 2019


UK commercial property: Brexit and beyond

The biggest surprise since the 2016 referendum has been the strength of tenant demand, particularly for office space

20AUG 2019

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Me and my passion: Jasper Smith

In the first of a series of interviews with individuals who are pursuing a passion away from their professional background, we talk to technology entrepreneur Jasper Smith about sailing, boat building and saving the world’s oceans

07AUG 2019


America: still one of the most desirable countries in which to own a home

For many global buyers, US property represents a safe haven investment – with multiple other advantages

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