Thougt Leadership


Thought Leadership

16MAI 2019

The five practical issues of incorporating ESG into multi-asset portfolios

We discuss the five practical issues asset owners need to address when implementing a sustainability budget for environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in multi-asset portfolios.



10DEZ 2018

Thought Leadership

The underperformance of value: a tale of unintended consequences

Our research shows that, given the poor performance of many value-orientated funds, investors would do well to choose their value factor carefully.


22NOV 2018

Thought Leadership

Inescapable investment truths for the decade ahead

Our inescapable truths are the economic forces and disruptive forces we think will shape the investment landscape over the years to come.

02NOV 2018

Thought Leadership

In welchen Private-Equity-Bereich sollten Sie jetzt investieren?

Private-Equity-Investitionen werden immer populärer, doch manche Teile des Marktes sind zunehmend überkapitalisiert. Wir analysieren die nun attraktivsten Bereiche.


24SEP 2018

Thought Leadership

Where should you invest in private equity today?

As the popularity of private equity investing has risen, some parts of the market look increasingly overcapitalised. We look at where the best opportunities may lie.


28AUG 2018


Wie werden sich die physischen Risiken des Klimawandels auf Unternehmen auswirken?

Unsere neue Analyse kann die physischen Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf Unternehmen weltweit quantitativ bestimmen. Es könnten erhebliche Kosten entstehen.

03AUG 2018

Thought Leadership

ESG in passive: let the buyer beware

Are investors ignoring the small print in their rush to buy funds incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles?


30JUL 2018

Thought Leadership

How will the physical risks of climate change affect companies?

Our new analysis can quantify the physical impact climate change has on companies around the world. The costs could be considerable.