29MAI 2019

How different assets perform in an economic slowdown

It appears that the US is entering the slowdown phase of the economic cycle. But what might that mean for returns across asset classes? And can a recession be avoided?



01DEZ 2017


Outlook 2018: Multi-manager

It will be important to seek a margin of safety when investing in 2018 as high valuations are widespread and inescapable.


06SEP 2017


How frightening is quantitative tightening?

We examine some of the potential consequences for markets when the Fed removes the punchbowl of QE. Will it be as boring a process as Janet Yellen hopes?


16JUN 2017


Is it time to focus on capital preservation, rather than capital growth?

We look at the challenge and importance of emphasising capital preservation over capital growth as market risks build.


15FEB 2017


Trump and the global economy: the good, the bad and the ugly

If President Trump succeeds in eliminating the US trade deficit it would be positive for US growth, but could have concerning consequences for the global economy.



29NOV 2016

2016 and before

Outlook 2017: Multi-Manager

Our multi-manager team looks ahead to 2017, when it expects inflation to come to the fore and perceptions of what is a "safe" asset to change.


22JUL 2016

2016 and before

Paying to lend? The failure of negative interest rate policy

We look at the economic and market impact of negative interest rate policy and where policymakers might head next.


16JUN 2016

2016 and before

EU referendum: The problem with polls and what it means for markets

With a week to go until the UK's referendum on its EU membership, Marcus Brookes looks at what the polls are saying and whether to believe them, and what the vote will mean for various markets.

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