11OKT 2019

Janet Mui: weekly economic update 11 October

There are signs of progress on the two key political risks facing markets: the US-China trade war and Brexit.

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10OKT 2019



24SEP 2019


Eight charts that explain the growing importance of China A-shares

More and more international investors are turning their attention to the increasingly important China A shares market. Here’s why.

20SEP 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 20 September

Central bank meetings were the focus of the week. Economic data from the UK and China suggest activity is sluggish.

13SEP 2019


Trade war gloom hits the US

America’s manufacturers, farmers and consumers are bearing the cost of Trump's trade policy

06SEP 2019


How trade wars are weakening the BRICs

Craig Botham explains why the economics team has downgraded the growth outlook across the BRIC economies this quarter, with weakness in 2020 driven by the trade war.


09AUG 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 9 August

The weakening yuan triggered a wave of fear in markets, pushing down bond yields. In the UK, the economy shrank in the second quarter – the first contraction for more than six years.

05AUG 2019


Has Trump misjudged China?

With the yuan’s latest depreciation, China is upping the ante in its trade war with the US. This has significant market and economic implications.

02AUG 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 1 August

The Federal Reserve cuts rates but leaves markets unimpressed. In the UK, the Bank of England faces questions on its policy response to a "no-deal" Brexit

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