10DEZ 2019

Outlook 2020: China equities

Why we think China’s economy will stabilise in 2020, which areas of the economy will drive growth, and where we see opportunities.



29NOV 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 29 November

President Trump's signing of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act has rattled markets. US data has been stronger than expected, with consumer spending a bright spot.

22NOV 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 22 November

What next for US-China trade talks? And while UK data continues to reflect uncertainty, in Europe there are positive signs of stabilisation.

15NOV 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update

The UK economy continues to flag. The eurozone fares better as Germany avoids recession, and in China the authorities look increasingly likely to intervene further to support growth.

08NOV 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 8 November 19

China and the US agree in principle to remove tariffs, sparking a wide rally in equities. In the UK, the Bank of England has held its key interest rate unchanged – while indicating a readiness to cut.


25OKT 2019


Janet Mui: weekly economic update 25 October

There has been some political progress on a Brexit agreement, increasing the appeal of UK assets. In the eurozone, economic activity remains weak.

24OKT 2019


How might EM investors benefit from the continued opening up of China’s capital markets?

As China’s capital markets continue to open up, we highlight the potential opportunity for emerging markets (EM) investors to reap the benefits of the broader opportunity set.

21OKT 2019


Street battles and mass defiance: what's the future for Hong Kong?

One of the world's most iconic and connected cities, Hong Kong has become the scene of repeated and determined unrest. Tourism and retail revenues are collapsing – but what are the longer-term implications?

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