Schroder All China Equity Opportunities Fund

A growth opportunity that can’t be ignored

As the second largest stock market in the world and the biggest contributor to global economic growth, the size and ambition of China presents an attractive opportunity for investors. The gradual opening up of China’s capital markets provides investors with access to companies in sectors otherwise unavailable to invest in offshore markets.

The Schroder All China Equity Opportunities Fund seeks to invest in the best equity and equity-related securities of Chinese companies regardless of where they are listed, including China A-Shares, other Chinese and Hong Kong listed companies and US-listed ADRs where valuations are still cheap relative to other growth areas.

This product is likely to be appropriate for a consumer seeking capital growth for a small component of their portfolio, with a high or very high risk and return profile. This product is unlikely to be suitable for a consumer seeking capital preservation or with a short investment timeframe.

About the Schroder All China Equity Opportunities Fund

The Schroder All China Equity Opportunities Fund aims to outperform the MSCI China All Shares Index (NDR) after fees over the medium to long term. The fund seeks to provide investment returns by investing in line with its strategy using an active fundamental approach to investment management with a strong focus on companies that grow shareholder value over the long term.  The Fund follows a disciplined and repeatable investment process, leveraging proprietary long-term, fundamental, bottom-up research to identify investment opportunities from a broad universe of all Chinese companies without being constrained by their geographic listing locations.


Access to high growth opportunities

Access to one of the fastest growing economies in the world with attractive valuations


Broad opportunity set

The flexibility to allocate to a variety of China equities including China A-Shares, creating greater opportunities to access alpha-generating ideas


Actively managed

Actively managed to identify the best opportunities.


Strong investment team

An established investment business in China with 22 analysts and portfolio managers on the ground and $13bn AUM in China Equity¹

¹ As at 1 August 2020

Opportunities in China Equities

Where does the fund fit in portfolios?

A component of an equity allocation - The Fund can be combined with other international equity holdings to provide diversification and an alternative source of return.

An alternative asset allocation - The Fund can be used as an alternative allocation to strengthen the risk-return profile of investment portfolios.

A satellite allocation – The Fund can be used as a satellite allocation in addition to emerging markets.

For full details of the target market for this Fund please refer to the Target Market Determination.

Schroders China All Equity Opportunities

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