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26NOV 2019

How value investing can provide diversification for your clients

Simon Adler, Co-Manager of the Schroder Global Recovery Fund shares insights into where his team are seeing opportunities in markets and how value investing can provide true diversification in global equities for Australian investors.

Investment Insights

13NOV 2019



11NOV 2019

Investment Insights

The six biggest bull runs since 1962 (and their corrections)

We compare the current record bull market rally with previous ones over the past 60 years and consider whether or not it can last.

07NOV 2019

Australian Equities

Finding sustainable returns in the Afterpay economy

With capital cheap and plentiful, ‘buy now, pay later’ seems an eminently logical strategy. But will it prove sustainable when the time comes to pay? Or is the perpetual growth machine ready to stall?


24OCT 2019

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Is 5% real "pie in the sky"?

Simon Doyle explores if 5% real is "pie in the sky" and what it will take to achieve this outcome in the coming years.

18OCT 2019


Is 5% real "pie in the sky"?

As local and global markets continue to endure a number of political and economic impediments, investors are rightfully re-evaluating their return expectations. So, all things considered, what’s an acceptable level of real return and what are the factors influencing this outcome?

16OCT 2019

Investment Insights

What do “lower for longer” interest rates mean for value investors?

Low interest rates have lengthened this economic cycle and encouraged risky investment behaviour.

16OCT 2019

Investment Insights

Global investors are making three big mistakes

Investors around the world, it seems, are falling into three traps, according to the latest Schroders Global Investor Study 2019

16OCT 2019

Fixed Income

Adjusting expectations as reality bites

They say optimists live longer – but what about their investments? Although a US recession still seems some time away, and trade tensions have been lessening, there are still good reasons for investors to consider a defensive posture while re-examining their return expectations.